Dr Reza Moazzeni

Dr Reza Moazzeni | Cardiologist Westmead

Heartcare Sydney, located in Westmead NSW, offers specialised Medical and Cardiac care by Dr Reza Moazzeni. The care at this centre is focused on patient rather than investigations.

Although cardiac investigations and interventions have improved or saved the lives of millions of people, at the same time too much reliance on these tools without attention to the patient’s symptoms, examination and current evidence has caused significant harm to patients and society as a whole.

At Heartcare Sydney, we try to minimise this harm by simply paying attention to the patient’s complaint and symptoms to separate the culprit from the innocent bystander, no matter how challenging.

Dr Reza Moazzeni, has extensive experience as a General Physician and Cardiologist and treats a wide variety of conditions. Two of his areas of special interest are Dyspnoea and Syncope which may have a variety of complex causes.

His main consulting rooms are in Westmead, NSW. Appointments may be arranged either by phone on 02 8401 9598 or via our convenient online appointment form.